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Designing a resale platform that benefits brands and consumers, while eliminating counterfeits from the marketplace.

I worked on unlimitid from the initial brief. I conducted research, rapid prototyped, created wireframes and built low ands high fidelity prototypes for the MVP. Additionally I designed all elements of the branding and UI, with users in mind to ensure the platform was enjoyable to use. The design of the digital ‘Card’ NFT was designed to feel like a real card, giving users a feeling of ownership over both the physical and digital product. For brands, the opportunity to earn lifetime commission from the resale of their items and have data on their second hand and loyal consumers is invaluable.


Brands are not earning revenue from the resale market, not gaining any data, have no relationship with their second hand consumers and no control over authentication processes. For consumers, resale platforms’ authentication cannot be fully trusted, is too slow for today’s consumers and very costly. They have no digital home to show off their product collection and no way of sourcing second hand products not listed for sale. The majority of used products are never resold as consumers don’t have time to go through lengthy selling process.



Unlimitid is a brand partnered marketplace built to give brands the ability to eliminate counterfeits, to earn revenue from the resale market, and reward their true consumers. Giving consumers an authentication process that is instant and trustworthy, and second hand users a chance to show off their collection and source products not for sale. A solution for the Web2 consumer, utilising certain Web3 technologies.